Emerald Cut is one of Washington Dc’s most innovative wedding video/photography and music companies. We understand what it takes to makes your special day memorable. We didn’t get here by just making stunning wedding videos but also by providing the best service any videography company out there offers.

We produce something beyond wedding videography, which has a tendency to be boring and ‘cheesy’, and instead come up with a wedding film that is tailored to you and your personalities. Alongside the video services we offer photography and music. We did this because we saw a gap between all three services if they came from separate sources. With Emerald Cut providing all three services, not only we work well with all parties involved and create a master piece, but it save you money.

We are fortunate to be doing a job that we love and also for getting to meet so many interesting people and places. We also specialize and pride ourselves on the fact that we cover all weddings from all cultures. We have a strong understanding or the cultures we cover so we will never miss any magical moment on your special day. Contact us and tell us your story!

my equipment

What we use…

  • Canon 5D  DSLR
  • Canon 60D
  • Sony AX-2000
  • Jib Crane
  • Glide Tracks
  • Steadicam

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