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Rather than giving you lots of different packages and confusing options we have built a Basic Package which in our experience makes a good package on its own. Plus, there is a list of enhancements to customise your film to your liking. The investment in the Basic Package is $1800. You can then personalise it by choosing your style of edit below and your enhancements on the sidebar to the left.


  • 2 film-makers equipped with all the technology necessary to ensure your day is cinematically captured.
  • Filming from the bridal preps until the 1st dance.
  • 3 DVDs with customised cases and professional menus just like the ones you rent from Blockbusters.


As part of the Basic Package you can choose one of two editing styles. During our first conversation we’ll go over these two options to find out which one suits your personalities best and is more adequate for your day.


    This is our most popular choice. A 25 minute film in the same style as our highlights clips which mixes different parts of your day in non-chronological order to create a compelling narrative.

    Extras on the menu contain the speeches, ceremony and 1st dance in full. This way you get the best of both worlds by having a short film that anyone can watch and enjoy and plenty of uncut footage on the extras for you to watch with closer friends and family who want to see it all.


    This contains your whole day in chronological order with each part of the day edited in full between the different cameras.

    The length of the film depends on different factors such as the duration of the ceremony or the speeches which vary in length from wedding to wedding.

    This package is normally requested by Asian, Jewish and Greek weddings although it is not limited to these as we do also produce the Cinematic Edit for these type of ceremonies.

    The next thing to do is to look over the enhancements on your left sidebar to find out about all the different options so you can personalise your film to your liking.

  • Other Video services

    The highlights clip is really a short film of your wedding day. It has a compelling narrative and captures what your day was all about in 5 minutes.

    There are two reasons why most couples choose to get a highlights clip:

    Firstly, because you will receive it within a month so you can watch it over and over until your film arrives. Secondly, it is a way of sharing your day with all your friends and family who might not get to see the longer film and it gives those who were unable to come to your wedding a chance to see what the day was like without having to wait for the longer film.


    We produce conventional DVDs as part of our usual package. The reason for this is that most couples still don’t have the technology for Blu-ray or a HDTV in their homes.

    For those who have made the jump to Blu-ray technology, we offer this as an enhancement to your package so that you can enjoy your film to its best. We shoot in full HD which is what Blu-ray plays. DVDs have a lower resolution and therefore don’t display the full quality at which we shot your wedding.

    If you want to wait until you have set up your Blu-ray system at home that is fine. We keep an HD copy of your final film and we can make copies of it at a later point.


    For larger weddings that need more than two shooters we also offer our crane and full Steadicam rig as an option to the package. For those who are looking for a more cinematic approach to their film we offer to raise the production level by using our 14 ft crane. Most Hollywood films use cranes to get aerial shots of scenes as this gives a different perspective of the action. We are able to set it up in the venue in less than 30 minutes and it gives us that extra angle of your day which will make your film look spectacular.


    Normally seen in feature films and on sports programmes where the camera is supposed to follow someone smoothly without shaking. We use a different type of equipment to create the camera glides on our Basic Package. However, for those couples who want to take the production level of their film to another level we offer our full Steadicam rig. This gives the smoothest and most cinematic effect when used by one of our professional operators. Many other videographers use other Steadicam-like gizmos that cost a fraction of the price and perform poorly.

    Love Story

    We spend a day filming you doing different activities of your liking and also take some time asking you questions in an informal interview about your story together so far.

    We then shape all this into a 5 minute insight into your relationship and add it onto your DVD. Most couples choose to show this at the reception instead of a slideshow as it gives you a chance to share with your guests a part of who you are.

    We have the facility to showcase this at your wedding on our 100″ screen using a projector which only takes minutes to set up. Let us know if you have some ideas for your Love Story, we love it when couples are creative.


    Who said you can only use your dress once?

    The idea is that once your wedding is over, perhaps when you return from your honeymoon, we get you into your wedding attire one more time and have fun with it.

    This film can be as creative as you like and we want to let your personality shine through. The more unconventional the location the more interesting the film will be.

    We can give the film a narrative or just get cool shots of the two of you around the location. We can also invite your photographer to come along as this setting makes a great alternative album to your traditional wedding photos.


    With the advance of technology in the years to come we are not sure that DVD or Blu-Ray will be sufficient to safeguard your film. We offer a cost-effective solution by providing you with the film files in Full HD on a USB stick. These are files made in such a way that they can be coded for any new type of media that is to come in the near future.

    We feel that this way you have control over the safekeeping of your film so that in 50 years, when your grandchildren come to visit in their flying cars, they can still watch the amazing film we made for you.


    Our style of filming is unobtrusive which means that we try to go unnoticed and therefore don’t put cameras in front of people’s faces or ask them questions.

    However, we can designate an hour of your day, normally toward the evening, in an allocated space at your venue where we can set up some lights and let your guests wish you a happy marriage.


    Here are some examples of the work we have produced. The blog contains a more up to date gallery of wedding video highlights and other projects we like to share.

    We accept commissions from any religion or faith and over the years have created many wedding video productions for a variety of wedding types and sizes, including Jewish, Asian and Greek to name just a few. We are proud to say that for those couples who decide to go with us because they love our films and feel we are a good fit for them, we do an exceptional job.

    Contact us and find out if we are the right fit for you.